I quit


I quit.

I quit living in past
I quit dreaming.
I quit thinking like losers
I quit overthinking
I quit losing.
I quit giving up.
I quit unnecessary things
I quit comparing with others
I quit listening to ill minded people
I quit looking at the destination
I quit making excuses
I quit blaming people and circumstances
I quit complaining
I quit living life for other people.



The Seven C’s for Successful Life

Seven C’s are normally used for any communication to be effective. However, here we are talking about C’s which can prove to be successful for your life.

Following are the seven C’s for Successful life:

  1. Choice: 

Most of the people fail at making right choices about their career. It is difficult to select any goal for your life. A purposeful goal must be selected keeping in view the following factors:

  1. Personal capabilities, art, talent and ability to pursue any goal
  2. Personal awareness and tendency towards things
  3. Personal interests and any past experience and achievements

You must take proper time while making choice about your career rather than you have to regret for it in future. The only thing you have to remember is avoid “Pick and choose manner”.

Choice is the first step towards your successful life”

  1. Conscientiousness: It is the personality trait of being thorough, careful, or vigilant. After carefully selecting your goal, there is nothing left except working on your skills to achieve your ultimate goal. Perform following under this C concept:
  1. Try to work with full energy and potential
  2. Open your mind by learning new thing.
  3. Update yourself on regular basis.


  1. Continuity: This is one of the most important C of all C’s. Continuity is most important factor in everything we do. Some people fail and leave the board at the midpoint. Keep in your mind that failures are not bad and after every failure, we learn something new. Don’t give up so early. Try to perform following to ensure continuity in your accomplishment of goal:
  1. Figure out what went wrong and try to solve it on your own way
  2. Always be open to positive criticism and try to focus on the positive thoughts of people.
  3. Consult your mentors, parents and counselors for further guidance.
  4. Read the success stories of people and listen to your colleagues.


  1. Change: Change is always necessary to improve yourself. Try to bring positive changes in your life. The way you live; the way you work; the way you study must be innovative. World is growing fast and you need to adapt changes as necessary for accomplishment of your goal.


  1. Charge: This is again the most important C concept. Always keep in your mind that people will only support you in your success. They will sometime degrade you and demotivate you on failures. But Remember, do not ever listen to the negative thoughts of people. Clear your mind from negative energy. Success and failures both belong to you. Admit the failure and keep working on your skills till you get it.


  1. Communication: It can be considered as the main component of all C’s. Communication is most important for obtaining feedback and seeking any guidance from any individual. It also involves self-talks which are equally important for your success. Perform following under this concept:
  1. Talk to yourself
  2. Try to talk with your family and friends about your problems and any achievements and be thankful for what you achieve in your life
  3. Talk to the Lord – your creator. Allah will surely help in your success and always be thankful to almighty Allah


  1. Completeness: This C concept refers to completing your goal in any circumstances. Do not ever lose your temper or be frustrated and leave after achieving half of your goal. Remember following things under this concept:
  1. Believe in yourself and complete your dream.
  2. Try to give your 100% efforts for achieving your goal.

Remember; the harder you work, the more you will get in your life. Always open window of your life and pursue your goal keeping in view all these seven C’s.

Walk out of the Wizard


If you are not happy, you may be supposed to consider following things

You have been programmed by your peers, friends and foes

You are going to end up with nothing but to the satisfaction of third person.

Consider your dreams, fantasies, and desires which can enlighten your brain and soul.

Your mind is made up of people’s thoughts. You are acting in accordance with the other’s directions

Make your own way.
Be your own direction.
Go in the that direction

Your life has also been trapped in spider’s thread
It’s not difficult to get out of it.

Find a way by removing the odds of society.
A way of your own life.


To a friend!

To my rosy cheeked friend.
When she opens her shiny eyes, world doesn’t resist the light in it
When she smiles, world stops crying.
And when she weaves her curly hair, the world stares at her with astonishment
Her beauty is unsung
But she is most prettiest of all
I wish her peace, love and a prosperous life ahead.